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Welcome to our home page!
Please read this page first,there is a discount code at the bottom, then CLICK HERE to shop our store.  

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eriodically, we send out emails to our customers, informing them of new styles or new discounts. To be sure that you get them,please add sue@greatshadesonline.com to your address book. Thanks!

You can pay more but you can't buy better sunglasses!

Great Shades! we pay special attention to the quality of our sunglasses and the degree of protection they provide.  Our lenses are optical quality and UV 400.  

Please be aware of our current discount code, below.  It changes periodically, so be sure to check the coupon every time you visit us here. 

New line of COMPUTER GLASSES!  Do your eyes get tired, irritated or dry when you spend time on your computer or other electronic device?
These devices, including your TV, emit high-energy light which causes discomfort as well as cataracts and macular degeneration - the leading cause of blindness. Our computer glasses filter out this harmful light, just as our sunglasses do.  Your eyes stay comfortable longer, your vision is just a hair sharper and you have protection from that harmful light.  See them HERE

 We have a line of caps, including newsboy caps, flat (or chauffeur's) caps and more. All hand crafted right here in Oregon. See them and purchase here or at etsy.com at the Handmade4U store.
You can also gets news on these, as well as sunglass news, at our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Greatshades


HEY BIKERS!  Looking for parts?  Check out Sierra Cycle, located in Sparks, NV. 
More info here: www.sierracyclesalvage.com 

Please click on Event Schedule (above) to learn
where you can go to see our sunglasses in person

Looking for a great lens cleaner? Our favorite is
Blu Goo


If we can be of service to you, don't hesitate to email us at sue@greatshadesonline.com with your comments, questions or requests.  We love to hear from you!
 Please "Like" my Facebook page! Keep an eye on it to find out where we will be in the near future! I appreciate your attendance at events and sometimes you can get a discount on purchases there - check the Facebook page to learn how. 


   Just type in the current discount code, when you check out. Use it as many times as you like! 
cannot be combined with any other discount
effective June 22 thru August 14, 2016           





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